Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Until the last minute

Although the academic year finished on June 19th, the Bellringers have not had their summer break yet. They have been meeting regularly during July in order to plan, rehearse and make all the necessary arrangements for the trip. They have been practicing in the Mark Twain Bell Room until the last minute, and yesterday they had their last rehearsal at school and met Steve Zimmer, our representative in the LAUSD Board of Education, who gave them lunch, T-shirts, and bags with school supplies. Before they left, he talked to them about how great their accomplishment was, and about their role as cultural ambassadors in London, for Mark Twain Middle School, LAUSD, and the country.


  1. Beautiful cake and beautiful messages! It is good to see all the hard work of these students and teachers recognized.

  2. Steve Zimmer has been very supportive during the year. This was a nice treat for the students just before they left.