Friday, August 3, 2012

Our accommodations

We get up very early in the morning and spend the day out most of the time. Then we come back in the evening to get prepared for the next day. Luckily, our accommodations at the University of Kent in Canterbury are very good.
Each student has his own room, which is not large but is very comfortable. This place is obviously thought for a life of study, since the surroundings are extraordinarily quiet and the room invites to sit, read, and get the work done.
The building is quite new and all the rooms have new furniture and equipment. Each room has its own restroom with shower, a bed, a large desk, and shelves for books. There is also a common area in each floor with kitchen, refrigerators, microwave, coffee machine, cleaning supplies, etc. Staying here our students can have a glimpse of what their college life might look line in the future.


  1. I enjoyed seeing the photos and hearing more about the accommodations. I wonder how many of our universities have private, quiet, and convenient dorms like this. I'd like to sit by that lake too.
    Will the students contribute to this blog while their thoughts are fresh?
    Hi to all!

  2. The students and Ron Theile will contribute. They are going to hand me some writing that I will reproduce in the blog. So far their schedule is so tight, that it is difficult to find a minute during the day. And when they come back, they are looking forward to communicate with their families. I think I will be able to post something from them when we come back from Paris (that's what they told me).

  3. Jorge this blog is so helpful for me it lets me know everything the kids are doing thank you so much!!!! Oh can you please tell my daughter Alexandria I love her.....

    1. I'm happy to hear that. It's important for family and friends to have a closer look at what the kids are doing here in London. I passed Alexandria your message this morning (I think she didn't expect it).