Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic Park

Some artists perform better when they drop the music sheet and start to improvise. Today we improvised and things went much better than expected, considering that the plan had been changed in the last minute and when we went to bed last night we were not sure where the Bellringers would play, or at what time. The organization made arrangements and they were able to place us in one of the entertainment spots for artists and musicians in the Olympic Park. Suddenly, we were going to perform at the very heart of London 2012, where the Opening Ceremony was celebrated and where the most important athletic events take place.  The bus took us there, where personnel of the organization took care of us, gave us accreditations, and escorted us to the spot where the Mark Twain Ringers were going to perform.

There were a lot of people, thousands, and such a crowd could only be handled with very effective crowd organization skills. The masses of people flowed smoothly back and forth, many of them leaving the premises, many others coming to attend the next event. The escort from the organization said: "we are probably now in one of the safest places in the world". It must have been true, because we had to go through a scan and search process more exhaustive than the one we went through at the airport.
We had to wait for a while until we found out where and at what time the Bellringers would be performing. In the meantime, we waited patiently, had some water to be well hydrated (it was very hot), and a reporter was interviewing Ron Theile and some of the students.

We finally found out that the Bellringers were going to play in front of the stadium, at the Bridge D, just at the end of an athletic event. Wenlock, the official mascot of the 2012 Olympic Games, would be placed just in front of us, greeting everyone that wanted to take pictures. During the time that the Mark Twain Ringers were playing, thousands of people walked just in front of us. We had never expected to be able to perform today in a place like this.
The challenge this time was that the students were going to perform without tables, something that they had never done before. In case that was not enough, it started to rain intermittently several times, not so much as to get wet, but more than enough to get really annoyed. They did phenomenal.

After the performance, we looked for a place to eat (everything was crowded) and waited for the bus that would bring us back to Keynes College. Since tomorrow we are getting up very early to go to Paris, we had to come back, have dinner and go to bed so that we would have more time to sleep. We improvised today because they changed our music sheet, but we played very well.


  1. Hello Everyone!!! Looks like things are going very well and that you are having the time of your lives! I can't wait to hear all about the amazing experiences you are having. Thank you Jorge for this blog. Love the pictures and videos. Hugs to all...Ms. M:)