Monday, August 6, 2012

Leisure time

The schedule of the bellringers has been very tight so far. Each hour is programmed and we try to follow the plan at all times, since it is the only way to move a large group of people through a city like London, and even more when the city is hosting the Summer Olympics. Today they had the opportunity to relax a little bit, get off the bus, and visit around as regular tourists would do: we went to visit the Tower of London, as thousands of visitors do during the year, and we went to attend a soccer game, as thousands of fans are doing during the Olympcis.
The group had already seen the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, but just because the bus passed in front of them during a sightseeing tour. This time we had the opportunity to visit the locations, watch them close, take pictures, and buy souvenirs in the gift soft: the whole tourist experience. The premises of the Tower of London are very large, and there are many different sites of interest inside the perimeter. The best way to move was not a large group of 27 people, so we split in five smaller groups and organized the visit in a more manageable way, including the stop at the gift shop and the typical "Fish and Chips" for lunch. The Tower of London is like a mirror that throughout the centuries has collected images of all the stages of the history of England. It's one of the monuments that cannot be missed when visiting London. Unfortunately, we had less than two hours for our visit and we couldn't see all the buildings, but it was enough to get an idea. In an extremely secured vault are kept the "Jewels of the Crown", which everybody wants to see: the crowns and jewels that the English monarchy has kept during centuries. We were not allowed to take pictures of them, but we encourage everyone that visits London to stop by the Tower of London and have a look at them: they are really impressive.

After our visit to the Tour of London, we got again on the bus and went to the mythical Wembley Stadium. We had tickets to watch a girls' soccer game: France vs. Japan. This was one of the semifinals and Japan won. The final result was Japan 2, France 1. However, France missed a penalty and had opportunities to score until the last minute. Most of us just enjoyed the game, but it seemed that the majority of the people attending were supporting France. In any case, it was a great event, and the show was not only in the field, but also in the seats: the fans were amazing.

So, for just one day, the Mark Twain Ringers were not a group of performers, but simply a group of tourists visiting the Tower of London, and a group of fans watching a soccer game during the Olympics. However, even then, we still have to answer questions from curious people that want to know what is it about these group of young students with the "Mark Twain Ringers" logo on their sweaters and t-shirts.

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  1. Too bad you didn't see the USA vs Canada soccer game!