Saturday, August 4, 2012

Exhibition Road

The first performance of the Bellringers was at Exhibition Road. This place is "the cultural heartland of London and the ultimate destination for anyone with a thirst for discovery and creativity. Here, the world's leading arts, cultural, scientific and academic organizations joing together to deliver vibrant programs that challenge and surprise".
The Mark Twain Ringers played just in front of the Science Museum, on a mobile stage on a truck. There are several mobile stages at Exhibition Road, and there are many performances every day. Ron This was their first contact with the London audience and it was a warm-up for the upcoming performances.
The stage was somewhat of a challenge for our musicians, because it was large enough for individual artists or small groups, but a little small for 17 bellringers. Besides, they normally arrange the tables with the bells in two rows for better acoustics, and in this case they could only arrange the tables in one single line. However, they adapted very quickly to the specific conditions of that performance and everything went very well.
They gathered a lot of public around. People enjoyed the music and showed them their appreciation with warm applause. When we get back to LA I will be editing and posting some videos on our Youtube Channel, so I am just posting a short sample of their first performance.

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