Saturday, August 4, 2012

Change of plans

After the Exhibition Road performance yesterday, an Olympic volunteer was greeting the students and giving them bracelets. I was talking to her and I asked about how the Games were progressing, how they were impacting the daily life of londoners, and how things were going on. She said that it looks as if they were expecting more people, so I got the impression that less people have come to the Summer Olympics than they expected.
In any case, when we were in the bus on our way back to Keynes College, the tour guide informed us that there had been a change of plans: the performance at Weymouth Bayside Festival had been canceled. In fact, not only the Mark Twain Ringers performance had been canceled, but all performances. Apparently they were expecting more than three thousand people to attend this festival and the organization had sold barely three hundred. This fact was aligned with what the Olympic volunteer had told me.
In any case, there was an unexpected change of plan. Our students will play today somewhere else, but we don't even know the time. This is interesting.

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  1. That's disappointing but I know you will all adapt and still have many people enjoy and remember your performances.
    (Jorge, please be sure you and the parents are in some clear photos too.)